Narue No Sekai 37

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Narue No Sekai 37

Post by Lucky on Wed Jan 12, 2011 2:24 am

Fuck yeah. This chapter has it all!! Read below why.
*Warning. The text below will contain a high level randomness. normal people are advised to scroll down to the upload links….* (And the text below might contain some small spoilers…)

This is your day, awesomeness to the max yanno. What does it contain? Well an epic battle between manly men. (well, one less manly men. Ignore him). Damn Manly. They RUN! They Wrestle (arms) Some bro songs, peekers, Oh, did I forget to see the occarina of time love? Link or Zelda make no entrance though, too bad. Grandpa is returning, only to say 1-2 cool sentences, then to disappear. And yeah, the brother and sister really ask for an incest ending… Doubt they’ll get it though.((YOU DID NOT READ THIS)) Since this marks the last chapter of volume 5 we have the extra’s too… NEARLY BOOBS THERE. NEARLY. DAMMIT. ORRAA
Oh yeah, and we get some real manly advice by THE man of the series himself. No less, no less, look forward to it at the end.
Sorry for this. Now upload links:


Overload has it’s own mediafire account now… (lol) and this is the first release to be put on there. You can also download our Editing / Typesetting tests there… Wink


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