Trigun Tribute Raijin Rising

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Trigun Tribute Raijin Rising

Post by The Admin With a Big Name on Tue Jan 11, 2011 11:42 pm

A surprise release for all of you so I do hope you enjoy the Trigun Tribute chapter as we didn’t give any warning for its release. I have always been a huge fan of Trigun so hopefully you enjoy the Trigun Tribute chapter brought to you today by Overload Scans.

This Trigun Tribute mainly deals with Raijin (one of the gung ho guns – forgive me if i misspelled their name) hence the name of the chapter being Raijin Rising. So make sure to thank Ringo for this release and while you are at it make sure to thank him in the forum at his thank you thread because thats why its there. I have no idea if we will be working on any of the other Trigun Tributes though so it would be best to not ask yet because I can only give this answer… Maybe.

Turns out someone already did this chapter a while ago actually so this isnt new afterall so thank Illuminati for their release if you like theirs better and tell them that we are sorry lol.

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