[ ONESHOT ] Haco

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[ ONESHOT ] Haco

Post by The Admin With a Big Name on Tue Jan 11, 2011 11:39 pm


Writer: SAITOU Osamu

Artist: SAITOU Osamu


After Kusakabe Honoka is diagnosed with an untreatable disease, her father puts her in cold sleep in hopes for the future. When she wakes up, it seems all of civilization has been destroyed. All she has to help her in this future world is Haco, a dog-like robot that was created to protect her. What happened to the world while she was asleep!?


This is Overload Scans first official release so please try to be nice when you tell us how badly we messed up etc etc. Also we are Still looking for more staff obviously so if you want to join us we would be very happy.


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