God Seeker Chapter 1

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God Seeker Chapter 1

Post by The Admin With a Big Name on Tue Jan 11, 2011 10:52 pm

God Seeker

Writer: TSUTSUMI Riichirou

Author: TSUTSUMI Riichirou


Many people in this world were born with commonplace magical abilities. These are usually things that make their lives a bit more convenient, such as the ability to make a small flame, or to heal slightly more quickly than usual. But the young, brilliant lord of Seeker Castle has a little sister with incredible destructive magic powers, which he uses to kill anyone who threatens his territory. Also living with the lord and his sister is a boy whose magical powers are still a mystery. The story of their entwined destiny begins now!


Overload Scans second release but mainly done by Hazama so make sure to give him thanks for kicking so much ass. So feel free to leave some comments about the release and tell us if you loved it or hated it etc etc.

We are still looking for Staff so if you are interested just let us know in the forum

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